Shipping Policy

The following is the shipping policy for Vegas In A Box. Any mention of the words "We" and "Us" will refer the company as an entity. The words "order" and "package" may be used interchangeably and refer to the items purchased by the customer to be fulfilled by Vegas In A Box. Contact Us for further inquiries about shipping.



Orders are carefully assembled to avoid items breaking or shifting during transit. We use crinkle paper, tissue paper, or bubble wrap for items to ensure they arrive at their intended destination without an issue. For multiple order items, we make an effort to package all items in the same box.


Gift wrap (red satin bow) is offered for customers at no cost for specialty gift boxes and is packaged to remain secure until the recipient has received the package. If sent as one unit, the specialty gift boxes are wrapped in kraft paper for delivery.  

If items are broken or damaged during transit, we will not be held responsible, however, we reserve the right to offer a replacement or refund to customers at our discretion.


We use the United States Postal Service to ship packages. All orders are shipped as Priority Shipping (2-3 days). We use the Priority Shipping service to make sure items arrive in a quick and timely manner for convenience and for potential food items ordered. For all orders, the shipment cost will depend on destination and weight.

Once a package has shipped we will email the customer with an expected date of arrival and a tracking number to confirm the order has been fulfilled.


Free shipping is available to packages being delivered in the Las Vegas area. Find out about free shipping here. In the event that we cannot ship an order in a timely manner, we will contact the customer about the inconvenience.


Due to fast turnaround times for regular orders, therefore customers may receive their order sooner than the expected date of delivery on their email.


USPS Priority Shipping is 2-3 day shipping, however, that does not include our processing time. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing and delivery. Delivery in Las Vegas is free ($0 shipping fee) and will be delivered in the same timeframe or sooner than 3-5 business days, unless the customer has specified a desired date of delivery. An email confirmation will be sent to the customer once the package has been delivered. 

Delivery dates will be held in agreement to the specified date decided by the customer and us, or within the aforementioned 3-5 business days. Information on custom orders can be found here.

Contact Us if you have not received your package in the timeframe stated by the tracking number, or as stated in your email confirmation.

3-5 Business Days