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5 Bachelorette Party Do's In Las Vegas - Advice from a Local

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Having a bachelorette party in Las Vegas but you're not sure how to prepare for the party before the big "I do"? Make sure to check these 5 things off your list before you come into Sin City to celebrate the end of your single life!

#1 - Gifts For Your Girls

A bachelorette party is never complete without the BRIDE TRIBE. What better way to thank your girls for celebrating a night to remember than to give them gifts!

Whether it's a small personalized gift, thank you cards, or tickets to a show, thank your bridesmaids with a little treat!

Vegas In A Box offers team bride wristbands, shot glasses, and deluxe hangover kits for the ultimate girls night out! Let everyone know who's night it is!

The Full House Complete Hangover Kit comes with a 6 item hangover relief kit pouch and a sleeping eye mask. A cute and practical gift for your wedding party.

Orders can even be shipped right to your hotel in case you need a last minute gift.

Free delivery in the Las Vegas area!

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#2 - BYO Decorations For The Hotel

What is a party without decorations?! Make sure to stock up on bachelorette party decorations before coming into town to avoid running around last minute. Party stores are far from the Las Vegas Strip, and although equipped, some nearby adult stores may not have many offerings or are VERY expensive. (Yikes!)

friends smiling in bachelorette party decorated room

Flying in is already exhausting, so imagine taking a taxi or rideshare to a distant party store and paying high rate fees by going back and forth.

Save yourself and come prepared to decorate the hotel room with all the bells, whistles, and sexy decorations.

Tip: It may be obvious, but do not use adhesive that will leave marks on the walls when decorating. Thumbtacks or other items that may poke holes in the walls are a bad idea.

#3 - Heels or Flats? BOTH!

Wearing sensible shoes is not in the Vegas spirit, come on, it's LAS VEGAS! So deciding whether to sacrifice fashion for function, why not opt for both? How? You must plan ahead! At some point in the night, enough will be enough and you may resort to the walk of shame... tapping out and walking barefoot back to your hotel.

This may seem practical at the time, but when you think about the millions of visitors who have done questionable things to the very ground you walk on. Believe me. You'll be grateful!

Before your trip find flats or flip flops that can easily roll up inside your purse or clutch when you go out for the night.

Remember to let your girls know too!

Las Vegas may have a few options to buy on-the-go flats, but they could be far from you or more than you're willing to pay. Save yourself the trouble by planning ahead!

#4 - Take A Day To Relax

After going out all night, it's a big mistake to plan the trip home for the next day. If possible, take a day to relax before going home. The hospitality industry in Las Vegas is amazing. It's difficult to take notice of all the luxurious things offered to you when flashy lights, long-neck drinks, and gambling welcome you at airport gates and on the street.

Make the most of your hotel's spa, pool. and restaurants. Be sure to research your hotel's offerings and nearby hotels to find out what suits everyone in the tribe.

Remember that this is a vacation, so take an extra day and squeeze the most out of it. Brunch? Shopping? Lounging poolside? All signs point to yes.

#5 - Bring Power Banks!

There will never be a shortage of pictures during a bachelorette party, but there may be a shortage of phone batteries. A dying phone battery is your worst enemy. You'll need it for phone calls, texts, apps for rideshares, and recording memories, so having a full battery is important. A power bank is practically a necessity!

In this city there's no stop, only go-go-go, so waiting to charge your phone will only slow down what may be a limited weekend celebration.

You could buy a cheap power bank on the strip, but it may be exactly what you pay for. Invest in a good one beforehand.

Another recommendation would be to bring a power strip. It sounds crazy, but if you're sharing a hotel suite with 6 other ladies, there may be a lack of power outlets for everyone and their electronics. Just don't forget to charge your phone AND power banks!


Happy planning Team Bride! Be sure to share these 5 party do's with other bridesmaids or friends who are planning a Las Vegas bachelorette party. Planning ahead will certainly make the celebration better! I hope you have enjoyed this advice from a local.

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